Petoneer Ultra Drinking Fountain

  • Pettadore Drinkfontein Katten met App Smart Kattenfontein met UV sterilisator

Petoneer Ultra Drinking Fountain


Cats naturally drink little, due to their origin. They used to take the moisture out of their prey. Now they depend on how attractive their servant makes it. The Petoneer drinking fountain helps you with this. Your cats drink 2x more effortlessly than from a traditional drinking bowl. This prevents kidney and bladder problems.

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The drinking fountain is SMART and has a 2 liter water tank, enough for several days. It has a 3 way filter system, UV bacteria killer and a pump that keep the water bacteria free and oxygen rich, dayour cat likes it and therefore drinks more. The drinking fountain is silent and uses little energy. Useful when you want to sleep normally when your cat does not tickle you awake. The drinking fountain is SMART and the included app shows the water level and water purity of the smart drinking fountain.



  • App controllable
  • UV bacteria killer, kills 99.7 or all bacterian
  • Replaceable pump, long-lasting pleasure
  • Water purity detection
  • 3 Differentfilters
  • Water level notification
  • Water change notification
  • Filter replacement notification
  • Good circulation due to strong pump
  • Ultra quiet & amp; low energy consumption
  • Night mode for LED
  • Easy to install


  • Brand: Petoneer
  • Type: FSW020
  • Material: Plastic BPA free)
  • Color: White, Transparent
  • Weight: 1220 grams
  • Dimensions: 21cm x 20cm x 18cm
  • Sterilization rate: 99.7%
  • Water tank capacity: 2 liters
  • Smart technology: Included app Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa compatible)
  • Power input: DC 5V / 2A
  • UVC Tube Life: 15000 hours
  • Communication: Wi-Fi
  • Low noise & lt; 40db
  • Type of filters: Carbon, fine mesh, ion exchanger



  1. Place multiple smart drinking fountains in the house for optimal stimulation to make me drink more.
  2. Make sure the pump is completely under water when you use the pump for the 1st time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Mercedes De Bont
Its a shame, but there is nothing to do about it.

Had ordered this after buying the compact and being very happy with it, despite the amount gone for it, arrived on time, so delivery top but from day 1 problems with the pump that came with it, which sometimes ran , made a hellish noise and just made a lot of noise, had it completely cleaned and all parts removed that we could but nothing helped, contacted customer service via whatsapp and that was quite an experience... After a lot of back and forth with videos and whatever else, got a new pump sent anyway... only to get a black one that is smaller than the original one (a white one) and the connection doesn't fit. Unless we want to resolder it ourselves... Yeah, I can't either. We then put the original pump back in, luckily it no longer runs, but still makes a lot of noise. It's really a shame that such nice stuff is ruined by bad customer service.

hello mercedes,

How unfortunate that you experienced it that way. We'll send you a message via WhatsApp!

Lisa from Pettadore

Ellen Van de Voort
Super drinking fountain

We have been using the Pettadore Hydrate Ultra for two weeks now and can only say that it is a super drinking fountain. The water is purified and you can keep an eye on everything via the app, for example when the water needs to be replaced or the filter. It is the quietest fountain we have ever had. Yoda also likes to drink from it.

Nashreen Bonoo
super device

I've had this fountain for about 4 weeks now and honestly it's the best I've had so far.
It is pricey but it is more than worth it
catch my cat drinking it every now and then

David Perez Martinez
25 € 3 filtros + 9,50 € gastos de envio= 34,5 € o 11,5 € al mes.

Si hay que cambiar de filtros 1 vez al mes y cada juego cuesta 11,5 € sin contar el gasto en electricidad que estimo en 3 € al mes el seguro de la vivienda es más barato que el bebedero de mis perros.

Tim Dockx
Satisfied with drinking fountain

Our kitten immediately found the fountain and uses it daily. Very satisfied, a pity that the Filter units are so expensive.