Pettadore Nutri Fresh - Automatic feeder

  • Pettadore Nutri Fresh voerautomaat katten/honden - Voerbak automatisch Smart

Pettadore Nutri Fresh - Automatic feeder


Many cats and dogs in the Netherlands are overweight. They do not know themselves when they eat too much. The smart food bowl saves time by automatically measuring and serving portions for you. You only have to refill the automatic food bowl once every few days. The automatic Nutri Fresh feeder from Pettadore prevents blockages by means of unique laser and rotation technology. This allows you to safely leave your home without having to worry about the safety of your dogs or cats.

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The smart Nutri Fresh feeder from Pettadore is a smart food bowl for cats and dogs. The automatic feeder has an app and a 2.6 liter dry food container. The app offers the possibility to set a weekly eating plan with 0 to 10 adjustable feeding times. You can switch a bell on or off during a feed and give a single feed extra remotely. The automatic feeder has been developed in such a way that the feed remains in optimal fresh condition thanks to a moisture absorber.



  • App controllable (Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa compatible)
  • Moisture absorber for optimal preservation of taste and freshness
  • Weekly nutrition plan in the app
  • Nutrition notification
  • Too much food notification
  • Almost empty notification
  • Blockage excluded by laser technology
  • Blockage excluded by rotation technique
  • Suitable for dogs and cats
  • Bell on or off during power supply
  • Even without administering telephone power
  • Power supply capacity for several days
  • Nutrient reservoir: two point six
  • Easy to install
  • Included application


  • Brand: Pettadore
  • Material: Plastic, BPA free
  • Color: White, Gray
  • Weight: grams 1550
  • Dimensions: 19cm x 19cm x 32cm
  • Water tank capacity: 2.6 liters
  • Smart technology: Included app (Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa compatible)
  • Power input: DC 5V / 1A
  • Other attributes: Possibility for batteries as a backup
  • Communication: Wi-Fi
  • Feeding plan: Adjustable daily for a week
  • Suitable for dogs: Yes
  • Suitable for cats: Yes
  • Manual: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian



  1. ℹTip: Check out the smart drinking fountain from Pettadore for optimal health of your pets.
  2. opNote: Do not put any other products or objects in it except dry food for cats or dogs. Wet food is not possible in the automatic food bowl.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Top crib

Our kitten responds to the feed signal every time, the signal is not heard in the bedroom. Very handy to remove and clean the bowl, ideal to provide the cat with food when we are away for the weekend.

Happy cat

Momo already recognizes the sound and sprints to the machine as soon as he hears the beep


The feeder works very well. Our cat is very focused on food, but the casing of the machine is resistant to curious snouts and paws. Fast delivery, adapter was not present but after sending an e-mail, it was immediately delivered. Good to know is that the machine only works with the app, or by manually pressing a button on the machine itself.

Super nice!

I have been using the Nutri Fresh for two weeks now and it works great: the app is very user-friendly, the portions were set within a minute and the endless meow-meow-meow of my cat around dinner time is no longer against her owners, but against the device. Win win!

In addition, I am very satisfied with the service from Pettadore, as I was initially supplied with filters for the water fountain, instead of the feeder. An email later and it was a piece of cake: I had the feeder at home two days later and was allowed to keep the water filters. Chapeau for customer-friendliness!

Also works great with rabbits

This review is mainly for all rabbit owners. We have searched for such a device for a long time and this is ultimately our experience. Our two rabbits have now been fed their pellets through this device for several weeks. That is great! The device is placed on a shelf where the rabbits cannot reach. We took off the crib. The correct amount of pellets thus fall to the ground with each feed. The pellets spread a bit during the trap, so that the rabbits can sniff for the kibble. They also find that super fun and helps against boredom. The rabbits know exactly when to expect their food! Very handy if you spontaneously stay somewhere for dinner, or if you are away for a day. Via the app I then receive a very nice notification so that I know that the power supply has gone well! For rabbits, it ensures a regular feeding pattern. Because they also need water, hay, green fodder and herbs, it is especially an easy supplement. Certainly not a substitute when we go on vacation.